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Texas, USA and a Whole Lot More - Pro HD Stock Footage

Largest Selection of Texas stock footage in HD - anywhere!
Plus - Puerto Rico, New York, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Cities, Small Towns, Wind Energy, Electric Power, Oil, Skylines, Destinations, and Historic Sites ... more HD added monthly.

Providing professional royalty free stock footage since 2002, our clips have been utilized by a wide range of clients including Sea World of Texas, Wachovia Bank, The Salvation Army, Cadbury Schweppes (Dr. Pepper), Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, University of Texas at Arlington and many more.

Every HD Purchase Supports the Texas Motion Picture Alliance!

We are proud to support the Texas Motion Picture Alliance as an Industry Sponsor. This organization is playing a pivotal role in bringing video, film, television and gaming business to Texas. For each HD clip purchased we will donate $5.00 to the TXMPA, as part of our sponsorship agreement. .

Unique Pricing - Personalized Service

Have a cool shot at the Color Bar, our online store! Unlike many stock footage providers, we don’t require you to purchase a pre-determined collection to get a discounted price. The Color Bar Store is structured so that you can mix and match clips from any of our categories into a collection of footage that works for you. There are price breaks for quantities of clips purchased, all designed to fit your individual needs.

Browse this site!

The drop down menu on the left guides you to pages with our stock footage to review. Click on any still frame to open window showing preview clip of the footage. All preview clips are Quicktime files. Get latest version of Quicktime (free) here > http://www.apple.com/quicktime/

In addition to Texas locations (every major city in HD) we now offer HD clips shot in several other U.S. states, plus a nice variety of other non-location specific scenes. More than eight hundred HD clips are now available with new footage added monthly, so please check back often. Still looking for broadcast quality, standard definition 4:3 aspect ratio footage? We have it, at drastically reduced rates. Don't see what you are looking for? We are in the production business, call for quote, or visit Trace Productions online.

True HD - Royalty Free

TexasB-roll and CityB-roll HD collections are composed of true 1080i High Definition footage, not HDV! Be sure to know what you are getting when shopping online - there is a difference!
Our footage is professionally shot (tripod, static shots and smooth moves, sequencing) with the Panasonic HVX-200 P2 HD camera in 1080 24p (except where noted). Additionally, we have several time-lapse selections in 720P.

All TexasB-roll and CityB-roll clips are royalty free, meaning your purchase allows usage in local commercials, corporate communications, marketing, tourism, electronic press kits, industrial films, independent short films, and more. For usage in national commercials or feature films, you must contact TexasB-roll for pricing and individual release. You may not resell TexasB-roll or CityB-roll stock footage, except for as part of your finished edited program, and credited to TexasB-roll.com.

Questions? Call 972.437.4433 or email footage@texasb-roll.com

Buy from the ones who shot it!

Your purchase of stock footage on this site helps to support the independent professional Director of Photography. There are a lot of opportunities to purchase stock footage on the Internet, and from many of the big providers (read: big corporations), the guy who actually went out and produced the footage only gets a small portion of the purchase price. We personally spun the wheels on a lot of pavement to bring this footage to you, in a professional manner, at a reasonable price. If you have a question about a location or any other details regarding this footage, you can call and talk to us directly. You won’t get that from some of the “firms” that market footage online.

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